Ceremonial Cacao Canada, Cacao Ceremony, Cacao Connection
Ceremonial Grade Cacao Canada, Cacao Ceremony
Ceremonial Grade Cacao Canada, Kim Yanick Portraits
Ceremonial Grade Cacao Canada, Keith's Cacao Ceremony

Keith's Cacao Hand-Toasted Peeled Cacao Beans - 1 lb.

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These Guatemalan cacao beans sourced by Keith's Cacao are the BEST we have ever tried. Lightly hand-toasted and then hand-peeled means hand-sorted to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality cacao beans available.

We love to snack on these beauties any time of the day or night for a mini-ceremonial connection and a major nutritional boost. High in magnesium and antioxidants with lots of trace minerals and natural mood boosters, these beans are a perfect portable super food!

Cacao is a perfect ally for increasing focus, creativity and energy for just about whatever endeavor you find yourself embarking upon in your everyday life.